Verticads (Ltd) owns a variety of smaller media agencies. Each brand functions as a stand-alone unit with its own research and implementation teams. We go the extra mile to deliver better results.

Surprisingly, it's not our technology (though we do have the best infrastructure in the market) and not our bargaining abilities that set us apart - it's our brains and our ability to research and understand the needs of our target audience.

Other traffic providers build their businesses around massive amounts of 'blind' traffic. We feel this attitude misses the whole point of good advertising. We invest more time, money and human efforts getting in getting to know our audiences. Then we reach them, touch them and persuade them. This is our magic and it is 100% real.

Verticads Mobile is a subsidiary of Verticads (Ltd) that helps you reach your audience on the go. Our services include mobile application display ads, search ads, rich media, video, push notifications and more.

The rise of smartphones has created a new era in advertising. Smartphones are always on, always with us and always connected. Successful businesses take advantage of this and benefit from the unique capabilities that mobile devices offer - such as touch screens and location sensing, allowing them to locate and engage their audience.

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